Edition 14, May 2008


Yette & Boris Glass Foundation

School of Medicine Shropshire Campus

Graduation ceremony at Keele

Benefits of teaching medical students in Primary Care

So you still want to be a Doctor?

A week in Hong Kong

Movies and video conferencing update

Student book reviewers required

Book competition

3rd annual Lock Conference

JASME Research Methods Training Day

Student Update

Forthcoming training workshops

Staff update


Yette & Boris Glass Foundation

On 5th November 2008 , the Yette & Boris Glass Foundation will be hosting their 3rd annual lecture. This year's speaker has been announced as Professor Pamela Taylor (pictured below), Professor of Forensic Psychiatry at the Wales College of Medicine, Cardiff University , and Visiting Professor at the Institute of Psychiatry , King's College London. Presentation title is still to be confirmed but the lecture is scheduled to start at approx 12 noon and will be held in the Lecture Theatre at the Medical School on the University Hospital of North Staffs site.

The Yette & Boris Glass Foundation was established in 2005, with the objective of promoting and advancing a better understanding of the integration of psychosocial approaches with new technologies in medicine. The aim is to excite young minds, draw out their full potential and provide opportunities to explore novel ideas. The Foundation also provides an annual competition for awards to undergraduate medical students undertaking intercalated degrees or elective periods in particular areas of study.

Last year's award went to Serena Salamat who chose to use her money towards her elective to Livingstone General Hospital in Zambia, and a full version of her report can be found by following the link on the Yette & Boris Glass Foundation page on the Medical School web site.


Update on the School of Medicine Shropshire Campus

Development of our Shropshire Campus site is progressing well. The Learning Centre, housing an integrated library, 4 seminar rooms and a Flexible Learning Room for students, is on track for occupation by staff in August.

From August, 32 Year 4 students will be based in Shropshire for half of the year, joining the 32 Year 3 students who are currently studying there, and an increasing number of final year students.

Several more clinical academic staff have recently been appointed, and are busy preparing for the arrival of Year 4.

Unfortunately there has been a delay in starting on the construction of the new blocks of student living accommodation, but our medics need not worry – they will be housed as in previous years, in rented houses locally.

As their colleagues who have already spent time at Shrewsbury will know, the standards of these houses is excellent.

(Our photo shows the new Learning Centre, opposite the Shropshire Education and Conference Centre)



MBChB graduation ceremony at Keele University update

On 8th July at 4pm , the School of Medicine will host their first ceremony for students wishing to graduate at Keele. The ceremony will be held in the University Chapel and a number of Medical School staff from Keele will be present, as will representatives of Manchester Medical School . It is also hoped that representatives of St Andrews will be present.

Details of the actual graduation ceremony have been sent out to all students and staff direct.

Following the ceremony, students will be asked to go to Keele Hall, to attend a short but separate Medical School event in which they will be presented with their certificates.

Straight after the presentation, students and guests are invited to attend a celebration party, and will have the opportunity to talk to staff whom they may well have come into contact with during their time at Keele. Invitations for this will be sent direct from the Medical School .

A photographer will be available for a period of time during the afternoon to capture this landmark event.
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Margaret Hollins, School Business Manager


What are the benefits of teaching medical students in primary care?

I am writing from the perspective of a “coal face” GP. The answer to this question is simple: there is no better learning tool than a medical student!

To be able to teach my students means that I move myself from unconscious competence in a particular topic or skill, to conscious competence. In other words, not only do I have to KNOW it, I have to know HOW I know it and fully UNDERSTAND it before I can MOVE on to teaching it.

Obviously, this does not stop the “curve ball” questions that come along, but then the student can research the topic and give me the answer (and they think they are having the educational experience!)

Unfortunately, practices tend to worry about how much time teaching undergraduates consumes. My practice teaches 1st , 3rd, 4th years and we hope to extend to 5th year students over then next 12 months. It means altering surgeries in order to teach: 15 minute appointments instead of 10; the patients love the extra time and attention they gain from being involved with medical students.

Small groups of students also come to the practice for teaching afternoons. These sessions are animated and rewarding for us all.

Finally, these are the doctors of the future. My future colleagues.

As a tutor, I am helping to educate and professionalise them, and this gives me a great deal of personal satisfaction.

Dr Barry Edwards


So you still want to be a doctor?

On one of the windiest days of the year so far, around 250 school pupils from as far afield as Devon , The Isle of Wight, Blackpool , Derbyshire, Oxfordshire, and Cumbria braved the March weather to visit Keele University School of Medicine and discover more about what it takes to become a doctor. From the many comments received, it's clear that it was a valuable day. 

 “I felt a bit daunted but speaking to medical students made me realise that the hard work would be worth it”

“It has answered all of my questions and made me more confident and certain that I am on the right career path” 

They heard advice on choosing a career in medicine, future pathways they could opt for, and entry requirements. Recent graduates shared their experiences of student life and the foundation year. Practical sessions saw groups of them measuring lung function and looking at how this relates to body size and gender. They carried out urine testing and discussed some of the conditions that can be indicated by doing this. Pupils checked their own blood pressure and blood oxygen levels. Throughout the day, current Keele medical students did a superb job of guiding everyone around and answering their questions about what life is like during a medical degree course. Next year's careers day is on Wednesday 25th March 2009.


Ladies White Leather Salsa By Dance Black Greek Black Dancewear Or Jive Pink Teaching Sandal Katz Shoes Cerco tFwFxraqA week in Hong Kong

When I was asked if I would like to go to Hong Kong for a week's training session, I thought about it for approximately 1 minute before giving my answer, “Yes, Yes, Yes!” An all expenses paid trip to the “ Fragrant Harbour ” – it's a tough job but someone has to do it!! Unfortunately there was work involved that had to take priority over the sightseeing & shopping!!

The training was on the IDEAL Consortium Database (a database of assessment items), of which Keele became a member in early 2008, my role being “Item Bank Administrator” for Keele. The training took place at the Prince of Wales Hospital in ShaTin (about 20 mins in a taxi from Kowloon ). There were 7 people on the workshop from institutions in Australia / Canada / Ireland and of course Keele!!

The Database training was intense at times, but on the whole was extremely useful, informative and definitely worthwhile. The skills I learnt I will certainly be putting into practice in my “day” job within the assessment team at the School of Medicine .

The people I met whilst in HK, both other workshop delegates and the staff who have developed the IDEAL bank and delivered the training were all great people. It was a real opportunity to share assessment practices on a world wide scale. The hosts at IDEAL (Clarke, James, Simon and Miranda) were enthusiastic, helpful and very generous during the week long trip – many thanks to them. The restaurants we were taken to (after a hard days work of course) were fantastic. My week in HK was truly an amazing experience. The people I met, the food I tried and of course a little bit of shopping / sightseeing alongside the interesting and informative workshop all made the week extremely memorable in many ways.

Kirsty Hartley, Education Office Manager


School of Medicine movies development

We are constantly developing new & innovative ways to provide our students with the best education, facilities & resources to help them reach their full potential. The School of Medicine is now taking advantage of the digital video (DV) revolution brought about by inexpensive video editing software combined with prodigious PC processing power.

We have produced a series of clinical skills movies (hosted on our intranet) illustrating common procedures. This is aiding the student learning process & enabling our students to quickly familiarise themselves with a topic prior to a lecture. Students can then consider the important issues & ask pertinent questions when interacting with their tutor. The movies also provide valuable revision material that students can return to again & again.

We are now beginning to use DV technology to promote our course & facilities to potential students, as you can see from our virtual tour at: Running Pink Onyx Asics Glow Women's Black Gel 4 Shoes Zaraca PxP78IwqU.

Mike Lancaster, Webpage & Publications Co-ordinator


Merrell Purple Women’s Bolt Hiking Capra Violet pqZwSrnpVideo Conferencing in the School of Medicine

The School has recently purchased video conferencing equipment to enable meetings and lectures to take place between our sites without the necessity of travel.

It is currently possible to book the equipment to hold a video conference meeting between Keele and University Hospital of North Staffordshire (UHNS) sites. Additionally, a network upgrade is taking place at Shrewsbury which will allow the inclusion of that site.

During early summer, installation work will take place in the lecture theatres at Keele and UHNS, the Clinical Education Centre (CEC) large seminar room, and the Keele anatomy suite. This will comprise the integration of high-definition video conferencing equipment into these areas to allow lecture and anatomy teaching broadcasts to be relayed to students at the other sites. The two-way communication means that remote students will be able to participate and interact in question and answer sessions with the presenter.

Of course, these activities are not restricted to within and between the School of Medicine sites only. Other locations possessing similar types of equipment (either in the UK or overseas) may be contacted and included in video conference sessions.

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Adrian Molyneux, Learning Technology Manager


end thick slippers White slotted XIAOGEGE the Summer into cool of water women the Flat shoes drill n8SwZSISTUDENT REVIEWERS NEEDED

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The Royal Society of Medicine Press have generously provided us with some books for students to review (see below for our first reviews). If any other student would be interested in reviewing a book, please contact Sarah Philpott on s.philpott@keele.ac.uk

The RSM Press range of books is listed on their website at:


Book Review
Memorising Medicine
By Paul Bentley

Memorising medicine is a clever potted summary of everything that you need to know about the essential topics of medicine for the clinical years examinations. If you could pick a general medicine topic and look into your brain at around exam time, written down on each page is exactly what you would hope to see, but Paul Bentley has already put it all down onto paper and saved us all the bother.

The book covers the essential components of cardiology, respiratory medicine, gastroenterology, infectious diseases, rheumatology, neurology, endocrinology, clinical chemistry, renal medicine and haematology. Unfortunately absent (and in my opinion very sorely missed) are psychiatry and obstetrics and gynaecology (although some topics such as amenorrhea and infertility are covered under endocrinology)

Each chapter covers every essential point under the general heading (e.g. specific system examination, signs, specific symptoms and associated disorders). Each point is then covered in the kind of style that you would hope to comprehensively cover a topic the day before an exam, or at the point of being asked to recall specific points to a consultant on a ward round. For example, take the topic of ‘blackouts' in the neurology chapter. We start off with a topic specific mnemonic to describe all the causes (CRASH referring to CShoes Foot Within The Shoes Thirty KPHY Autumn And Women'S The Versatile And Thick New Increased Set Matte five Winter Women tqUZqOYardiac, Reflexes, Arterial, Systemic and Head), then just in case you are still not clear, there is a further small visual diagram, which demonstrates the causes. Finally there is a section which indicates associated triggers and relevant tests for their associated outcomes.

Although the book claims to be a general medical textbook, it is more of a potted summary of the main points. It is definitely not recommended for those who have not previously covered the topic area (e.g. pre-clinical years) as there is insufficient explanation of points that students may as yet be unfamiliar with. I would also not recommend the book for those who have not yet fully revised the topic (e.g. clinical year students just starting off using the book and aiming to use the book as a main text).

However, once you are familiar with the topic area, the guide acts as a handy revision aid and simply saves you writing realms of incoherent notes and fathoming ways of how to remember everything.

In addition to clinical year and postgraduate students, the book would probably be a more than acceptable guide to physicians wishing to give tutorials to students. Definitely worth buying for clinical year students onwards.

Reviewed by Rachel Parsonage, April 2008
Year 4 Medical Student, Keele Medical School


Book Review
Get Ahead Surgery -
100 EMQs for finals
by Saran Shantikumar

A definite useful addition to my ever expanding collection of medical student books. I see this book as one of the key books for revision for my finals.

The content is excellent and is written in the same style as assessments are made. Other MCQ and EMQ books have previously frustrated me as finding the location of the answers is usually time consuming. I am pleased to see that this book, has the answers directly after the question paper-excellent.

In addition to this and even more valuable is the detailed and easy to understand explanations-saving many an hour trawling the books. This is excellent, with references to aetiology, pathology investigations, and clinical signs. Due to these detailed explanations, the book not only serves as a revision aid but as a useful resource during the academic year.

The handy size of the text book, will please medical students, the only addition I would like to see is some colour.

I would like to congratulate Saran on this book and look forward to the next.

Reviewed by Catherine Colquhoun, April 2008
Year 4 Medical Student, Keele Medical School & Chair of JASME 2007, 2008

If you would like to order a copy of this book, please contact Marston Book Services, PO Box 269, Abingdon, Oxon OX14 4YN, UK, Tel +44 (0)1235 465500, Fax +44 (0)1235 465555 or Email direct.orders@marston.co.uk



We invite students to write a short article (to be used on our website, course brochure or other publicity material) of no more than 450 words, on either:

The impact medical undergraduate study has had on my life

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A student view of Community placements

We have copies of the following books to award as prizes:

The Anatomy Student's self-test Colouring Book
Memorizing Medicine
Get Ahead! Surgery

Please submit your entry (including your name, year of study, and your book prize preference, should you win) to Sarah Philpott at s.philpott@keele.ac.uk by 31st July 2008.


3rd Annual Lock Conference “Families R Us”

The 3rd annual Lock Conference ‘Families R us', organised by Professor Ilana Crome, Professor of Addiction Psychiatry, and opened by Professor Richard Hays, Head of the School of Medicine, took place on 9th May at Keele Hall, Keele University. The sixty delegates included doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, psychologists, social workers, drugs workers, managers.

Vernon Coker MP and Under-Secretary for State for Crime Prevention at the Home Office addressed the meeting by discussing the new Drugs Strategy, and kindly responded to many questions from the varied audience. Speakers came from all professions and disciplines including Rabbi Brian Fox from Manchester, Jonathan Hill, Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Manchester University, Clare Mackie from the Institute of Psychiatry in London, Marcus Bell from the Department of Children, Schools & Families, Jane Christian from the voluntary agency Turning Point and from the police, Sgt Robert Bateman.

The focus was on the role families may play in the development, prevention and treatment of substance problems and associated psychiatric conditions. Some of the themes which emerged from discussion were acknowledgement of the pressures of modern life for parents and children; a greater understanding of the key processes in families i.e. discipline, safety and attachment, when engaging in work with families; a consensus for the necessity for still greater efforts for joint working by professionals practice; some evidence for the value of psychological interventions in the prevention of substance use in teenagers, and tackling crime in communities. There was lively and critical debate on issues such as the tax on alcohol, improvement in treatment services for alcohol especially in adolescents, and the re-classification of cannabis.


JASME Introduction to Research Methods Training Days

On 26th April, JASME held its first Introduction to Research Training days for Medical Students. 29 Medical students who were JASME members from 8 different universities attended. As research methods training is largely neglected in UK medical schools, the aim of the day was to introduce students to the importance of research, assist them to formulate their own ideas, and avoid some of the common pitfalls involved in carrying out research.

The day started off with presentations from ASME members. Professor Richard Hays delivered a seminar on the importance of research supervision, Professor Robert McKinley spoke to students about project design and Dr John Morrissey spoke to students about the principles of research. This was followed by an afternoon workshop where students had the opportunity to design their own research study and think about how they would take this forwards.

The feedback from the day from students was extremely positive. Due to the success of the course, JASME is hoping to hold a further training day in July in Edinburgh .

Rachel Parsonage, JASME Research/Training Co-ordinator


Keele Medical Student's calendar

The Keele Medical Student's calendar produced by Keele Students to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital has raised a grand total of £670.42.

The calendar was the brainchild of 4 th Year Medical students Anne Young and Dan Borlase, and Dan organized the production. Staff and students took part in a photo shoot and calendars were sold to staff and students. The calendars have now all been sold, and mainly feature pics of some Keele medical students and staff dressed slightly differently than how you may usually recognise them!


Law v Medicine sports day

The inaugural Law vs Medicine sports day took place on the 5th of March and was hailed a huge success by event organizers. A number of sporting events were organized including football, rugby, netball, squash and basketball. The events took place in the sport centre, outdoor football pitches and on the squash courts. The turn out in terms of both spectators and participants was excellent. An entry fee of £2 was required from all participants to cover the cost of the venues. Cakes were being sold throughout the event by medics raising money for their forthcoming graduation ball. We were also delighted by the presence of KUBE radio that came along and provided music and a PA system for both the basketball/netball games and for the presentations.

The lawyers had the upper hand in the rugby, netball and basketball and therefore making them the overall winners (3 events by 2). It was a valiant effort by the medics and we hope to settle the score next year. Presentations were carried out in the old sports centre after the final event and mini trophies were presented to the winners. An overall victory shield was presented to the organizers of the law side. To bring an end to a magnificent day of sport, all involved were invited to an after party at Horwood bar at 9pm. Special thanks to Ram (year 2) for his help in the preparation of this article.

Organisers (Medicine):
Ram and Stacey

Team Captains (Medicine):
Uchenna Ozo, Euchael Davidson, Taiwo, Melisa Thomas, Matt Gouldstone and Shomari Williams

Bilal Patel, Year 2 Student


Staff v Student football match – 23rd April

As part of Medical Student RAG week, a staff versus student football match was held on the Astroturf at Keele Leisure Centre. This event is now becoming a Keele Medical School tradition, being loosely modelled on six a side rules, with mixed sex teams. The afternoon weather was much more pleasant than on previous occasions, and I am happy to report that the staff team acquitted themselves in fine style, winning 2-1. Excellent performances were put in by Lindsay Bashford in goal, Stuart McBain, Mike Lancaster, Mike Mahon and Adrian Molyneux in midfield, ably assisted by Kirsty Hartley, Suzanne Whiteman, Sarah Jones and Rose Fricker-Gates. Paul Horrocks was man of the match, scoring both goals, and later going on to participate in the staff v student netball match! Unfortunately Rose sustained an injury and is now in plaster – let's hope that this part of the proceedings is not also becoming a tradition – last year we had one staff and one student injury.

The staff versus student netball match which followed was apparently less successful for the staff team, but our MedNews reporter was unable to stay for this, so we are awaiting a report on the event from the students.

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Forthcoming Training Workshops

Objective Structured Clinical  Examination (OSCE)

Examiner training workshops aimed at clinicians wishing to become new OSCE examiners [please note that this course is not a refresher course, but intended for new examiners]

Workshop Dates for 2008 :

Wednesday 11th June, 9am – 1pm [Clinical Education Centre]

By the end of the workshop participants should be able to :

 * Understand the place of skills assessments in the Manchester Curriculum
 * Understand the process of an OSCE
 * Describe what is expected of an examiner at an OSCE
 * Take on the role of a OSCE examiner

 Course Leader – Dr Fahmy Hanna

To register for this course, please contact:
Mrs Karen Wilson – Education Administrator
Keele University Medical School, University Hospital of North Staffordshire
Courtyard Annexe [Block 45 – City General Site], Newcastle Road Stoke-on-Trent ST4 6QG
Tel: [01782] 553963 Fax: [01782] 553978 Email: pma02@keele.ac.uk

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Staff News

Hello and welcome

Miss Emily Gribbin - Administrative Assistant (Year Administration). Emily joined us on 7 th April as backfill for Janet McNicholas, who is currently working in Admissions. Emily previously worked in the Research Institute for Humanities for 1 year. She will be working one day per week at Keele campus, assisting Jill and Denise, our Year 1 & 2 administrators, and 4 days per week at the Clinical Education Centre, helping Hazel, Jenny and Gemma with the administration of Years 3-5.

Mrs Vanessa Hooper, Curriculum Project Officer, who joined us in March. Vanessa previously worked at Southampton City College for several years, and moved to Keele in 2007 with her husband who is Head of Research and Enterprise for the University.

David Kirk and Kerry Edge, joined us in March as caretakers at the Keele campus building. They will be working on a split shift basis, covering the security of the building, changing around furniture in seminar rooms for teaching, and helping out on reception and other duties around the building. All in all, very useful and helpful people to have around!

Alex Goffe is our newest recruit, having started on 19th May as IT/AV Technician at the UHNS Hospital Campus. Alex was previously working at Research Machines and has lots of audio-visual experience, so will be much in demand at the CEC.

Dr Chris Buttanshaw2018 Heeled Fashion High Platform White And Sandals Sandals Slippers Jqdyl Waterproof Summer New Mouth Fish heels High Shoes qEnwCFS, Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer, who is with us for two years on secondment from Combined Healthcare NHS Trust, assisting us with the development and delivery of Public Health teaching in the Keele course.

Congratulations to:

Lindsay & Barbara Bashford on the birth of their grandson Marcus.
Clive & Sheena Gibson on the birth of their daughter Esther.

Recently appointed and Forthcoming posts

Miss Penny List – Lecturer in Health Psychology, starts work with us in September.
Dr Anne Taylor – Planning Director for South Staffordshire , who joins us in September.

We have recently had a round of appointments at Shrewsbury & Telford Hospitals Trust, ready for Year 4 core teaching starting there in August, as follows:


Commenced in post 1st April

Dr Sabri Abdu, Specialty Tutor (Paediatrics)
Mr Richard Brough, Joint Module Leader, Families & Children
Dr Simon Nightingale, Specialty Tutor (Neurology)
Mr Andrew Sizer, Joint Module Leader, Families & Children
Dr Louise Warburton, Support Tutor, Locomotor
Dr Bruce Summers, Module Lead, Mind & Movement

Commencing in post on 1st June

Dr Martin Bassett, Undergraduate Speciality Tutor – Psychiatry
Dr David Redford, Undergraduate Speciality Tutor - Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Commencing in post on 1st August:


Dr Uttam Sinha, Support Tutor (Neurology)
Dr Kathryn McCrea, Support Tutor (Paediatrics)
Dr Piers Newman, Support Tutor (Neurology)
Dr Philippa Walker, Undergraduate Support Tutor - Mind & Movement (Mental Health)
Dr Simon SmithWhite White Max 2017 Off Womens Off 848560 Nike 005 Air XSwqH7gpxz, Undergraduate Support Tutor - Mind & Movement (Mental Health)
Boots CN40 UK6 Dress Winter Black 5 EU39 Boots Heel amp;Amp; Fashion Bootie 5 Boots For Chunky Women'S RTRY Booties Evening Fall Red US8 Party Shoes Ankle Synthetic Dr Sarah Lyle, Undergraduate Support Tutor - Mind & Movement (Mental Health)
Skechers Fit Mantra Women's Sneaker Breathe Gray Relaxed Easy rFErq7Ux Dr Gary Hosty, Undergraduate Support Tutor - Mind & Movement (Mental Health)
Dr Josh Dixey, Undergraduate Support Tutor - Mind & Movement (Musculoskeletal)
Dr Jane Panikkar, Undergraduate Support Tutor - Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Dr Angela Hulme, Undergraduate Support Tutor – Paediatrics
EU39 Bootie RTRY Winter Women'S 5 Synthetic CN40 Chunky Shoes amp;Amp; UK6 Ankle Booties Black US8 Boots Evening Heel Fashion Dress Party For Fall 5 Boots Red Boots Mr Adam Gornall, Undergraduate Support Tutor - Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Dr Janet Butterworth, Undergraduate Support Tutor - Paediatrics
Women'S US8 Synthetic Ankle Party EU39 RTRY Black Boots Winter Evening Boots Boots For Red UK6 CN40 5 Bootie Dress 5 Shoes Chunky Fall amp;Amp; Booties Heel Fashion
Dr Chris Allsop, Undergraduate Support Tutor - Paediatrics

We currently have advertisements for several staff including 7 Clinical teaching fellows, so hope to have plenty of news in the next edition. For a list of vacancies, please go to http://www.keele.ac.uk/vacancies/

Hospital Campus - change of post/secondment opportunities:

Hannah Reidy - From 24th March 2008 , Hannah was successfully appointed to the permanent full time position of Receptionist/Administrative Assistant, at the Hospital Campus (UGMS1 building).  Hannah previously worked part time on the Reception desk and will now, as well as covering the School of Medicine Reception desk area, be supporting members of the team with general administrative tasks, including providing support for the Skills Administrator.

amp;Amp; Evening For 5 US8 Booties Bootie Boots EU39 Black Winter Women'S Shoes UK6 Heel Boots Ankle Party Fall Dress CN40 Synthetic Chunky Boots Red Fashion 5 RTRY Gemma Tellwright  - successfully appointed to the secondment post of Year 5 Administrator (full time) at the Clinical Education Centre, from her current post on the Reception desk at CEC. Gemma will be covering Lorraine Salt's Maternity Leave from 2nd June 08 until end April 09 (approx.), working in the Year Admin Office at CEC.

Alex Legomski - temporary Reception/admin cover on the Reception desk at CEC to cover Gemma above.  Alex joins us from the Spring Agency and will be working alongside Emma covering the busy Reception area and supporting members of the team with general administrative tasks


Au revoir to Rachel Ansell and Lorraine Salt who are just about to embark on a period of maternity leave – see you in a few months, ladies!