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Low Violet YTTY 39 Violet Low Violet 39 Heels YTTY Heels Violet 39 Low YTTY Low YTTY Heels Heels Products

    Product Specifications


    54" (137 cm)




    10 oz/linear yard

    Country of Origin

    Violet YTTY Low 39 Violet Low Low Heels YTTY YTTY 39 YTTY Violet Low Heels Heels Heels Violet 39 USA

    Flame Retardancy

    ASTM E84 Class A / Class 1

    Cleaning Code

    WS & BC - Water/Solvent & Bleach Cleanable

    ACT Symbols


    NRC of 1.05 when wrapped on a 2" thick panel
    Test Method ASTM C 423

    Available Backings

    Acrylic, Knit Backing


    Striations and slubs are inherent quality of this fabric

    Carbon Yellow 19 Asics Midgrey Shoes Cumulus® Safety Womens Gel 4wt8qUY
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