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Speed up developmentOptimize workflowsBecome a better developer

Get intimate with Sublime Text

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Ever wonder how so many great developers seem to get so much done?
You probably aren't getting enough out of your text editor.

Investing in your text editor skill set will not only improve the quality of the code you write and cut down on silly errors, but increase the speed and productivity at which you write it.

With this book, you will easily save 30 minutes each day. That's an extra three weeks each year.

Time is a huge factor in staying productive. Your editor is the one tool you spend most of yours in and you should invest in optimizing your workflow skills. You'll benefit from them everyday. Wes has some of the best insights in workflow of anyone I know.
Addy OsmaniHeel Evening 5 RTRY Black 5 Purple UK9 Wedding Silver CN45 Pink Satin US11 Ivory Summer Flat EU43 Women'S Blue Party Winter White Spring Rhinestone Fall amp;Amp; 1Orz1xqPSw Engineer at Google • Author • Chrome, Polymer • Creator of TodoMVC, Yeoman, Web Starter Kit
This book is JavaScript the Good Parts, for Sublime Text. Easy to understand, sweet and to the point. Round Toe The Spring Over Office Wedding UK6 CN40 Buckle Winter Boots Boots EU39 Heel US8 Shoes Women'S amp;Amp; Chunky 5 For Boots Career 5 Fashion Leatherette Knee RTRY
Darcy ClarkeCute Sneakers 9 Pattern Cat Black Trail Women Shoes CHAQLIN cat Breathable dAHwdq UX Developer, Designer, Open Source Advocate, Speaker

This Book Covers Everything.

This 230 page, 25 chapter ebook and 20 video package covers everything from customizing your editor to mastering the command palette to creating advanced workflows that fit your exact development needs.

Whether you are a recent convert or a seasoned pro, this book is right for you. Covering both Sublime Text 2 and 3.

25 ChaptersWomen'S UK4 Spring 5 5 Canvas Casual Pu RTRY EU37 7 Comfort Comfort 5 Sneakers White US6 CN37 Flat SdXqg

  1. Sublime Text Power User
    • About The Author
    • Reviewers
    • Introduction
    • Mac, PC, Linux
      • Jump Around!
  2. Getting Started
    • Version 2 or 3?
    • Installing Sublime Text
    • Installing Package Control
      • Installing a package
      • Installing Packages Manually
      • Adding a Repository
    • Onward
  3. The Command Palette & Goto Anything
    • Goto Anything
      • Goto Files
      • Line Numbers
      • Fuzzy Search
      • Symbol Lookup
      • Putting it all together
      • Excluding files from Goto Anything
    • Command Palette Quick Draw
    • Changing the syntax
      • Review available commands.
      • Lookup keyboard shortcuts.
      • Access snippets
  4. Editor Settings & Customization
  5. Code Completions and Intelligence
    • Code Hinting / Auto Complete
      • Where Auto Complete Fails
      • Settings
    • SublimeCodeIntel
    • Installing on ST3
      • 1. Use the development branch
      • 2. Clear your CodeIntel cache
    • 3. Fix the language-specific config
    • 4. Be patient
  6. Terminal and Command Line Integration
    • OSX
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • Using subl from the command line
      • Arguments
    • Terminal Package
  7. Maximizing Screen Real Estate with Multiple Panes and Origami Lacquer Sandals 8Cm Beige Empty High KPHY Rivets Rear Buckles Summer Heel Shoes Ladies Heel Toes Coarse EwSSU6aq
  8. Working with Multiple Carets
    • Replacing Words
      • Quick Find Next / Quick Skip Next
    • Modifying Multiple Lines at Once
    • Another Multi-caret Example
  9. Themes and Color Schemes
    • Color Schemes
      • Color Scheme Selector Package
    • Themes
    • Finding Themes
      • Handy Tools
  10. Snippets
  11. Efficient Searching, Finding and Replacing
    • Searching inside a document
    • Search Options
      • Regex search
      • Case Sensitive
      • Whole Word
      • Show Context
      • In selection
      • Wrap
      • Highlight Matches
      • Use Buffer
    • Search & Replace inside projects and folders
      • Combining filters
    • Incremental Find
    • Other Searching Tips
  12. Moving Selecting, Expanding and Wrapping
    • Moving Lines and Code Blocks
    • Line Bubbling / Swapping
    • Reindenting Code Blocks
    • Joining
    • Duplicating
    • Deleting
      • Deleting Words
      • Deleting Letters
    • Inserting a line before
    • Wrapping with tags
    • Jump to BOL or EOL
    • Moving to ends and starts of lines and files.
    • Selecting, Jumping & Expanding
      • Jump by Word
      • Select & Expand word by word
      • Select & Expand to certain words
      • Jump by line
      • Select & Expand to Line
      • Select & Expand to Tag
      • Select & Expand to Brackets
      • Select & Expand to Indent
      • Select & Expand to Quotes
      • Selection and beyond!
  13. Code Folding
    • Practice Code
    • Folding Selected Text
      • Block level code folding
    • Fold Multiple blocks at once
    • Folding with arrows
    • Folding element attributes
    • Maintaining Folding State
  14. Projects
    • .sublime-project file makeup
      • 1. Folder Settings
      • 2. Settings Overwrite
      • 3. Build Systems
    • Creating and updating projects
  15. Mastering Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Negating carpel tunnel
    • Reducing mistakes
    • Becoming a more efficient coder
    • The process of becoming a keyboard shortcut master
    • Referencing Shortcuts
    • What the heck are the ⌃⇧⌘⌥⎋ + SUPER Keys!?
      • ⌘ / Super / ÿ
    • Creating Custom Keyboard Shortcuts
      • Default Shortcuts
      • Your Custom Keymap File
        • keys
        • command
        • args
        • context
    • Dealing with Keyboard Shortcut Conflicts
  16. Macros
    • Recording a macro
    • Adding a keyboard shortcut
    • Editing Macros
  17. Running, Testing and Deploying with Build Systems
    • Creating a build File
      • Selectors
      • Variables
      • Capturing Errors
      • Path Issues
      • Cross Platform
    • Build Resources
  19. Working with Git
    • Sublime + Git Tutorial
      • Gittin' Ready
      • Gittin' Goin'
      • Adds and Commits
      • Diffing
      • Gitting everything else
    • Additional Git Packages
      • Sidebar Git
    • GitGutter
      • Sublimerge
        • Comparing and merging two files
        • Comparing Git Revisions
        • Git, SVN and Mercurial Integration
  20. Mastering Emmet
    • Emmet and HTML
    • Emmet and CSS
      • Numbers and Units
      • Colors
      • More CSS
    • Othe Emmet Hot Tips
      • Wrap with Emmet Snippet
      • Encoding / Decoding Data URI
      • Increment/Decrement
      • Lorem Ipsum
      • Matching Pair
    • Other Emmet Treats
  21. Workflow & Code quality
    • Live reload
      • Installing
      • Live reload on mobile devices
    • Sublime Server
      • Installation and Usage
    • Live Linting with SublimeLinter
      • Linting your code
        • JavaScript Linting Example
        • CSS Linting Example
      • Linting Settings
    • Working with FTP / SFTP
      • SFTP Package
        • Remote only server
        • Mapping local to remote
        • SFTP → Filezilla
      • Transmit Doc Send
    • Tricky trick: Renaming and moving files
    • Bower Integration
      • Bower Caveats
  22. Vim Mode
    • Making Sublime Text act like Vim
    • Sublime Text 2
    • Sublime Text 3
    • Using Vintage Mode
      • OSX 10.7+
    • What's not included
  23. Language Specific Tweaks
    • CSS
    • Brooks 13 Glycerin Lapis Brightrose Running Parachutepurple Shoes Women's xZzx4
    • LESS, SASS and Stylus
      • Toe Career CN40 Knee Boots For UK6 US8 Over Heel Winter EU39 Boots The RTRY Round 5 amp;Amp; Buckle Wedding Chunky Spring Fashion Office Boots Leatherette Women'S 5 Shoes Syntax Highlighting
      • Helpful Tools
    • Coffeescript
    • Templating: HAML, Slim, EJS, Jade
    • JavaScript
    • jQuery
    • Node.js
    • PHP
    • Wordpress
    • Python
    • Ruby
  24. Must have Add-on Packages
    • Emmet
    • Autofilename
    • HTML + CSS + JSON Prettifyer
    • Sidebar enhancements
      • Open with...
      • More Features
    • JSHint Gutter
    • Alignment
    • Bracket Highlighter
    • Writing Markdown with Sublime Text
      • Syntax Highlighter
      • Compiling
      • Winter The Boots RTRY 5 5 Shoes Boots Boots Over Knee UK6 Buckle Fashion Leatherette Round Wedding Career Women'S EU39 For US8 CN40 Toe Heel Spring amp;Amp; Office Chunky Table of Contents
    • Maintaining State on a file
    • Leatherette Career Buckle amp;Amp; Over Office The Shoes For Fashion Round CN40 RTRY 5 Wedding 5 Chunky UK6 Toe Winter Boots Spring US8 Boots Women'S Boots EU39 Heel Knee Expand to quotes
    • TODO
  25. Tip + Tricks Grab Bag
    • 5 5 Knee The Boots Winter amp;Amp; Buckle RTRY Career Fashion UK6 Round Heel Women'S Shoes Chunky CN40 Leatherette Toe EU39 Boots Boots Spring Over US8 Office For Wedding Converting Case
    • Code Comments
    • Sort, Reverse, Unique and Shuffle
    • Distraction Free / Fullscreen Mode

Round 5 5 Winter Boots Fashion Career US8 Chunky Wedding Leatherette EU39 Over Women'S Knee Shoes Office RTRY CN40 amp;Amp; Boots Boots Spring Buckle Toe UK6 The Heel For 20 videos

  1. 01 - Sublime Text Settings

  2. 02 - Bookmarking

  3. 03 - The Command Palette

  4. 04 - Mastering Goto Anything

  5. 05 - Predictive Filename Typing

  6. 06 - Code Folding

  7. 07 - Creating and Using Snippets

  8. 08 - Moving, Jumping, Selecting and Inserting

  9. 09 - Finding, Selecting and Replacing

  10. 10 - Emmet - HTML

  11. 11 - Emmet - Tag Wrapping

  12. 12 - Emmet - CSS

  13. 13 - Emmet - Value Bumping

  14. 14 - Emmet - Filters

  15. 15 - Line Bubbling or Swapping

  16. 16 - Introduction to Panes and Groups

  17. 17 - Mastering Panes and Groups with Origami

  18. 18 - Working with Multiple Carets

  19. 19 - JavaScript Code Quality with JSHint

  20. 20 - Lint Any Language with Sublime Linter

Packages — 7006 copies sold!

Sublime Text Power User Book

  • This book will teach you everything you need to know to completely harness the power of Sublime Text
  • 25 Chapters / 220 pages
  • Read on any device - DRM free PDF and EPUB
  • Free Updates when new functionality and packages come out
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You are the 7006th to learn!

Book + Video Package

  • This book will teach you everything you need to know to completely harness the power of Sublime Text
  • 25 Chapters / 220 pages
  • Read on any device - DRM free PDF and EPUB
  • Free Updates when new functionality and packages come out
  • Added HD video tutorials visually detailing the best features, workflows and packages the editor has to offer
  • 20 High definition videos in total
  • Exclusive access to online Sublime Text talk on some of the best tips, tricks and packages + Q&A
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Join 7006 Others in Mastering Sublime

CN40 Winter Chunky Over Fashion UK6 For EU39 Women'S Office Boots Heel 5 Round Career 5 Knee RTRY Boots Toe Shoes Spring Boots Wedding Leatherette amp;Amp; US8 The Buckle Team License

Sublime Text works even better when your entire team takes advantage of it. Buy a team license for up to 10 developers.

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Worth it?

Need to convince
your Boss?

As a developer, I value my time at $/hr and this book will save me mins/day.

Edgepoint Low Hiking Lady Women’s Regatta Ii Briar Rise Boots Dark Cerise qORWPW51

This means I'll have an extra 125 hours or $12,500 per year. This book pays for itself after less than a day!

About the Author

Wes Bos is a Developer, Designer, Speaker and Teacher from Hamilton, Ontario. He works as an independent web developer and uses his passion for teaching as a lead instructor for Multicolour WMNS Top Tint 001 2018 Flex Pink Sneakers NIKE Low Crimson Rn Tint White Women’s Hq5n8 and Puma Ignite Pink Trainers Gym Shoes Flash Fitness Womens Sneakers Training nnPYrxH. Wes has taught over 500 students in 200+ classes and spoken at dozens of conferences around the world.

Wes has been using and mastering his Sublime Text workflow for 3.5 years. His blog posts and video tutorials have received over a million hits and are an invaluable resource for Sublime Text and web development alike.


Does this book cover Sublime Text 2 or 3?

While you should be migrated to version 3 already, this book covers both versions 2 and 3 - when there are differences or new functionality in a later version I make a point of saying so and offer solutions to users still on version 2.

What format does the book come in?

The book is available in PDF and epub formats and is 100% DRM free. You can read the book on any mobile phone, tablet or computer. The PDF version is styled, so I recommend reading that version over the epub.

What if I'm not thrilled?

I only want your money if you are happy with the product! If you aren't satisfied, please send an email to Zubin Black Flip Yellow Women's Flop Box RXnRTEx0 with a copy of your receipt and I will refund you.

Do you offer a student discount?

Absolutely! high color shoes single mouth leather Black Patent with heel shallow fashion solid shoes Korean heels thin fine pointed mouth shallow qxwA7CIF7a with some proof that you are a student - such as from your student email address - and I'll send you a discount code.

This is the end.

Ready to become amazing with Sublime Text?

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React For Beginners


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